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How to Show Support For Your Favourite Winery or Cellar Door

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The wine industry in Australia has seen its challenges over the last few years. Each region has been affected in different ways from bush fires to droughts & frost. What we see through these events is what makes the Australian wine industry so wonderful, that instead of looking at each other just as competitors, we reach out and support each other.

Like all of you, our industry has been affected once again this time due to COVID and the hospitality, tourism and travel restrictions placed upon us all. Through this challenging time we can stay connected and show the love and support for all of our favourite businesses, whether that is in our own neighbourhood, wine region or interstate. We have highlighted some simple ways you can show support for your favourite local wineries and cellar doors and are sharing our ideas that can be as simple as posting a story about your experience on their social media to paying it forward by buying gifts for friends. 1. Connect on Social Media One of the easiest ways to show support is a simple interaction online. This could be liking their recent content or sharing a story about the last bottle of their wine you drank with friends on their facebook or instagram. This way of showing your support is so meaningful to the business and best of all it costs nothing to do. 2. Book Your Visit Now Start planning your next weekend getaway to a wine region. While international borders are closed, now is a great time to explore Australian wineries and try somewhere new. 3. Leave a Review Online This small act can have a big impact to the winery and the teams that work there. Positive reviews help others find wineries to visit. 4. Buy Wine Online If you can't make it to your favourite wineries, show your support by shopping online. 5. Gift Wine to Friends By purchasing either a gift card or gifted wine you can introduce friends to your favourite wines. These make for the perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas. There doesn't need to be reason at all to share your favourites while also showing support for your favourite brands.


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