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Chardonnay for People Who Don't Drink Chardonnay

Don't judge wine by it's stereotypes: Not all Chardonnay is "oaky" and "buttery."

Chardonnay doesn’t just naturally taste like oak and butter, It is one of the most neutral grapes in the world. This is what allows it to be influenced by where it is grown, picking up the flavours and characters from the soil and climate. And while rich buttery oak flavours were popular in the 90’s, today un-oaked fermentations are becoming more widely used for making fruit-forward, crisp and refreshing Chardonnays.

I don't drink Chardonnay.. Can I skip the Chardonnay.. these are common questions at our Cellar Door. We always encourage our visitors that rather than writing off all Chardonnay, you just have to find your Chardonnay. And your Chardonnay is likely going to be very different to the one your parents drink.

Here are some tips to Choosing a Chardonnay you will love

Cool Climate Chardonnays

Chardonnay from cooler climates like Tasmania, Mornington peninsula and Coonawarra are typically more acidic, citrus flavours and mineral character, and are lighter-bodied, lighter in alcohol.

Warm Climate Chardonnays

Warm-climate Chardonnay such as central Australian wine growing regions typically have less acidity, with rich, ripe fruit flavours from yellow peach to papaya. These wines are usually fuller-bodied.

Oak Fermentation

Flavours are introduced into Chardonnay through ageing in oak. This oak ageing creates full-bodied wines with buttery, toasty, oaky flavours, which balance's with the wine’s crisp fruit flavours. This is the wine of the 80's and 90's and where the stereotypes come from. This style of Chardonnay (is delicious) but not for everyone!

Stainless Steel Fermentation

Stainless steel ensures there are no “butter” flavours from the oak barrels that put many of us off, the stainless steel fermentation of Chardonnay ensures the wine’s fruit flavours come through strongest and also allows subtle notes to shine. Lighter and fresher, these chardonnays are easy to drink.

Now you understand the wine making techniques and climates that impact the flavour of chardonnay, you can more confidently select a chardonnay you will love.

Whistle Post Chardonnay

Whistle Post Estate Chardonnay is an unoaked, stainless steel fermented Chardonnay.

Making up over 25% of our vineyard area our 2018 Chardonnay is an elegant and restrained modern style Chardonnay. Flavours of yellow stone fruits, crème edges, citrus combine to give a long lingering finish.


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